Welcome to Downtown!

Downtown is the Heart of Renton & Boasts a Vibrant Arts Scene

Check out the latest art installations in Renton’s Downtown!

Renton’s Downtown is home to a vibrant arts scene where you will find a growing collection of murals and sculptures by local Renton and Puget Sound artists. We showcase a diverse mix of public and private art installations found throughout Downtown and are constantly looking for new opportunities for future art installations. We work closely with the Renton Municipal Arts Commission and other non-profit arts groups in order to help foster a vibrant arts scene in Renton’s Downtown.

More information on the muralist we have chosen and the mural coming soon!

Renton Municipal Arts Commission

The Commission strives to support and connect people with arts and culture endeavors in the Renton community. On August 9, 1965, the City of Renton the charged the Commission with advising on the artistic and cultural development of Renton. The Renton Municipal Arts Commission provides financial support for artists and organizations to initiate, organize, and promote arts and education to benefit the citizens of Renton.

Renton History Museum

Located in an historic Art Deco firehouse, the Renton History Museum offers changing exhibits, programs, publications, and events to share Renton’s stories, past and present. The Museum is situated in historic downtown Renton and is surrounded by local shops and restaurants, offers free parking, and is close to the library and Liberty Park. The Museum Gallery and Gift Shop are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Paint a Fire Hydrant

The South Renton neighborhood is adding curb appeal in unsuspecting spots and are asking artists to send in their proposals for fire hydrant art. Unlike other public art projects on street signs or utility boxes, hydrants come in different styles with curves and angles for an artist to consider. Don't miss your opportunity to create on this unusual medium; send in your application today!

Renton Civic Theatre

Founded in 1987, Renton Civic Theatre began its existence as a professional performing arts theater from a boarded up old movie house. Today, the theatre offers a full season of community theatre and are dedicated to their mission to provide quality and affordable entertainment to the community through the performing arts

IKEA Performing Arts Center

The Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center is a venue for student theatrical training, a home for local and regional artists and is dedicated to providing outstanding cultural programming for the community.

Downtown Murals

Whether you are walking from your parking spot to a downtown restaurant, or shopping on 3rd Street, it’s difficult not to see the artful beauty portrayed on the walls of Renton. Read about the history and background info of the Downtown murals to help guide your next stroll through downtown.

Renton Technical College Gallery Space

Renton Technical College (RTC), in partnership with the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, is seeking artwork from local artists to display inside the Culinaire Gallery at their campus in the Highlands and in the hallways of their brand new Downtown campus. Submit your portfolio for consideration to [email protected] to reserve your exhibit dates.

Utility Box Wraps

Drive slowly through the next intersection in Renton's downtown and make sure you take a look at the utility box. These steely metal boxes that hold all the signal equipment are now canvases for the city’s artists, popping up unexpectedly and injecting a little fun and beauty into the streetscape.

Outside Art Gallery

The City of Renton partnered with a private property owner to transform a blank wall in downtown into a rotating outdoor art gallery. Read more about the project and the artist who inspired the creation.

Rooftop Dragon

There be dragons in Renton. Well, one dragon at least. The newest public art installation sits atop a nearly 100 year old building in downtown — an imposing, giant, silver dragon peeking over the top of the structure.

Renton Loop

The Renton Loop Sculpture from Western Neon was added to the corner of S 2nd St and Main Ave S in late 2020 as part of increase in arts in Renton.