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The Renton Loop

“The Renton Loop” is the latest piece of public art installed in downtown Renton.  The vertical art element has been on display at the corner of Main Ave S and S 2nd St since late 2020.


In 2016, the Renton Municipal Arts Commission (RMAC) selected an artist team to design and execute the installation of public art for the S 2nd St/Bronson Way/Main Ave S intersection reconfiguration project. The team worked closely with members of RMAC, representatives from the City’s transportation division and project engineers and submitted a design for consideration based on feedback from the group. The design was approved by RMAC, but in the end, the team was unable to complete the project due to cost limitations and underestimations of the project scope by the artist team.

A design proposal was submitted to RMAC by the artist team at Western Neon as an alternative to the original project. The Commissioner felt that the translation of the initial concept honors the community planning and discussions that went into the previous conversations and presented a way for the project to be completed as first intended.

RMAC selected Western Neon, based on their proven ability to design, execute, facilitate, fabricate, deliver and install public art for the City of Renton.

The original project idea referenced the Renton Loop, a traditional cruise done by youth in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s around the downtown core, and Western Neon decided to maintain this connection. Creative Director, Dylan Neuwirth also chose to dig a little deeper into the business history in Renton, and how its been evolving in order to add another layer to the historic value of the piece.

The project tells the story through materials: coal, Core-Ten steel, aluminum, stainless steel and futuristic lights. This covers the journey of coal and steel industries, Boeing, health care and incoming technology companies. Neuwirth explained that the loop twists together steels and raw aluminum into an illuminated arc. The sculpture then sits on a bed of metal colored to look like coal.

The Renton City Council approved the artist contract for the project on August 19, 2019.

“These two new projects will enhance our reputation and give both residents and visitors something to admire and talk about,” stated then-Mayor Denis Law.