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Renton Athlete's Mural by Artist Alexander Codd

In the fall of 2018, the Renton Municipal Arts Commission awarded a grant to artist Alexander Codd to design and install a mural downtown to celebrate the rich history of athletics in Renton over the past 120 years. Until this time, the project has remained unfinished due to complications finding a proper location for the finished piece. With support from the Renton City Council, the mural was installed in (3) panels on the back of the stands at Liberty Park facing Houser Way N and I-405.


The mural celebrates the history of iconic athletic figures and the faces of Renton and include Olympians, professional players and collegiate athletes. The selection process allowed the artist to include sports and individuals from a variety of sporting backgrounds and periods in history.  We can boast a diversity of sport, race, gender, decade, and level of play. The public was asked to participate in the selection process and send in their recommendations for local athletes to be featured.


The athletes, and families of athletes who have passed, have all consented to the use of their likeness in the art piece.  The project was met with excitement and support from these individuals, many of whom still live in the area. The proposed design features Henry Moses, Clancy Williams, Aretha Hill, David Riske, Walter Wright, Jerry Belur and Frank Reed.


CA. 1916-1920

Henry Moses was born in 1900 on ancestral Duwamish land in Renton. He lived on the banks of the Black River, just west of where the Renton High School was built.

In the late 1910s Henry was a triple threat, playing baseball, basketball, and running track. Non-white players on high school teams were uncommon then. Rival teams chanted “Indians” derisively toward Renton players, and Henry and the team picked up that name with pride and Renton High’s mascot became “the Indians.”

In the late 1960s, Henry’s wife Christina lobbied to keep the name, and she stated the name meant “determination, bravery, and strength” to Henry. Recent Native American students have lobbied to change the name because of the original hurtful meaning attached.

-Information courtesy of the Renton History Museum


CA. 1958-1962

Clancy Williams was born in September 1942 in Beaumont, Texas. He grew up and went to Renton High School in 1958. Later known in training camp for his thin legs, Clancy Williams was counted on by his teammates to be the ultimate gameday performer.

His roommate at Washington State described him as the “best athlete I have ever known.” He consistently gave 110% of his effort and took losses hard, feeling he could have given even more. He became famous for a WSU game against Stanford in Spokane, being instrumental in the game winning steal.

As the eighth choice overall in the 1965 NFL Draft, Clancy Williams is the third-leading interceptor in Los Angeles Rams History.

-Information courtesy of Devlin, Vince (September 24, 1986). “Clancy Williams was a racehorse with heart”. Spokesman-Review. (Spokane, Washington).


CA. 1991-1994

Aretha Hill was born in 1976. She was initially drawn to basketball, joining the 1991 Renton High School basketball team.

She later found her home in track and field at the University of Washington. Aretha Hill went on to have a distinguished career, placing in the Pan American Games, the World Athletic Finals, and the Olympics in 2004 and 2012.

Aretha Thurmond is an inductee of the Husky Hall of Fame, the Renton High Athletic Hall of Fame, and she is a four-time NCAA All-American.

-Information courtesy of the Renton History Museum and the University of Washington


CA. 1992-1996

David Riske was born in Renton in 1976. He played at Lindbergh High School before being drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 1996.

He had a 7-year career as a pitcher for franchises such as: the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, and Milwaukee Brewers.

His No. 5 jersey is currently retired by the Green River Community College.

-Information courtesy of (December 11, 2008) “Former Gator great Riske has number retired” Auburn Reporter (Auburn, Washington)


CA. 1995-1999

Walter Wright was born in February of 1981. As an amateur, Walter Wright had a 90-12 record. He lost his professional debut, but bounced back with consecutive victories which had him featured on ESPN’s “Contender Season 2.”

Walter Wright amassed 4 consecutive Tacoma Golden Glove Titles and was a finalist at the 2001 U.S. Amateur Championships.

-Information courtesy of the Seattle Times Archive 2006: “The Contender: Walter Wright is back…on screen”


CA. 1967-1971

Jerry Belur was a hurdler at Renton High School to 1971. He holds the school records in three events. He went on to the University of Washington, becoming the nation’s fastest in the 1600-yard relay in 1975. The record remained unbroken for 30 years. Jerry Belur was inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame with his teammates in 1988.

-Information courtesy of the Seattle Times Archive 2006


CA. 1969-1972

Frank Reed was born in May of 1954. He attended Hazen High School in Renton where his winning touchdown led Hazen over Renton High in the 1971 NPSL season.

Frank Reed played defensive back from 1972 to 1975 as a University of Washington Husky. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1976 as a Corner Back and played in the NFL for five years.

-Information curtesy of Hazen High School, Profootball Archives, and American Football Database