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Bronson Way Bridge - Seismic Retrofit and Painting

The project involves replacing existing paint on the bridge’s steel span with a new coat of protective paint, upgrading the bridge’s rocker and fixed bearings, and performing other maintenance. This work will improve the bridge’s performance during seismic activity and help preserve the steel members for years to come. By closing the bridge and using its deck to stage equipment during construction, crews can complete the work in less time. The project will be constructed in two phases.

During Phase 1, which took place in October 2022, worker access and containment systems were installed, existing paint was removed, corrosion damage was repaired, and a new protective paint system was applied.

Image of the bottom and underneath section of Bronson bridge showing algae and other debris
Bronson Bridge before Phase 1
Image showing the side and underneath of Bronson bridge after it has been cleaned
Bronson Bridge after Phase 1

Construction on the Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in spring 2023. Phase two involves extensive repair work, seismic retrofitting, and new asphalt pavement installation.

Project information and updates are available on the City’s website, where you can also sign up for a project update e-newsletter.