Welcome to Downtown!

The artist at work on the creation of “Transformation”


“I really love designs that juxtapose opposites in some way, while making them congruent. This mural, Transformation, is a mix of old and new, like the building itself—a historic building getting a modern update. I decided on a pattern that started off structured on the alley end near S 3rd St, but then the shapes blow away like petals in the wind farther down the alley, another play on opposites—structured becoming more organic.”

-Marsha Rollinger

The title Transformation, refers to the transformation of the building, the alley, as well as Renton’s Downtown itself. Transformation was entirely hand-painted by graphic artist Marsha Rollinger, and commissioned by Dave and Monica Brethauer, owners of the Cortona building.

Located on the north side of South 3rd Street between Burnett and Williams, the Cortona Building was recently rehabilitated to house new retail businesses. The former Woolworth’s building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.