Hydrant Art in South Renton

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The South Renton Neighborhood Association*, in collaboration with the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, is seeking artists to participate in an exciting new public art campaign! Interested artists will be permitted to “adopt” fire hydrants within the South Renton neighborhood and create artistic designs for them. Applications are open to all who are interested.

Hydrant #1 completed by Sybil McIntyre

The goal of this program is to embrace the artistic talents of local individuals while displaying creative artwork throughout the community.

There is no specific theme for this program, though artists are encouraged to incorporate the character and history of the surrounding environment and neighborhood into their artwork.

The program is free and open to the public. Due to the popularity of the program, the original limit to 20 hydrants has been removed and the program will continue until the neighborhood runs out of hydrants…or artists!

Selected artists will receive $300 per hydrant to cover the cost of materials, supplies and design fees.

Applicants are welcome to submit multiple designs for consideration.

Submit your proposal today! For more information check out the full application here.

Have an idea for a hydrant? We’d love to see it! 



Take a walking tour!  The full tour and walking instructions for the South Renton Hydrant project can now be downloaded directly to your phone.

Meet the Artists!

Brianna R

Meet Brianna R! She is our youngest artist to have completed a hydrant!

Bruce McIntyre

Meet Bruce! From ceramic art to painting hydrants, Bruce is a man of many talents!

Daisy Ching

Meet Daisy, a local resident and the second artist to complete a hydrant!

Hazen High School

Meet the Hazen High School Art Club! They're working on a design that showcases their skill in portraits that really pop!

Jeff Dineen

Meet Jeff! The President of the South Renton Connection and mastermind behind the Hydrant art program.

Jessica Dolan

Meet Jessica! A Renton-ite and Liberty High grad!

Jonathan H. Keith

Meet Jon! Jon spends his free time designing games and puzzles, teaching swing dancing, and even officiating weddings!

Kaitlyn White

Meet Kaitlyn White, an interdisciplinary visual artist!

Kat Lieu

Meet Kat, an interdisciplinary visual artist and blogger! She is the artist who completed Hawk, the Dancing Lion hydrant.

Kayce Quevedo

Meet Kayce! This fiber artist from Mukilteo brings a touch of Whimsy to Renton.

Kelly Affleck

Meet Kelly, a local graphic designer with a bold eye for patterns! She is the artist who completed the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" hydrant.

Northwest Metal Fab & Powdercoat

Meet Bob from Northwest Metal Fab & Powdercoat. His unique hydrant painting technique really shines!

Rachel M

Meet Rachel! Rachel may be young, but she has years of experience in the arts and her design is out of this world!

Ryan Hammond and Handsome Devil Ink

Meet Ryan and Ben, two local tattoo artists in Downtown Renton! Ryan's first hydrant is installed right in front of his shop Handsome Devil Ink!

Samuel Whitney

Meet Sam! Sam aims to fight back against the drab, one project at a time.

Sarah Roadman

Meet Sarah! Sarah is a graphic designer and fine artist based in Downtown Renton.

Sybil Ania McIntyre - Work by SAM

Meet Sybil, a multidisciplinary artist and the creator of the very first conductor hydrant!

Tristen Sallade'

Meet Tristen! Tristen takes pride in her innovative style that is fueled by a strong imagination and a passion for thinking outside of the box.