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Meet Jeff!

Jeff is a resident of South Renton and the president of the Neighborhood association at the time the hydrant program was established.  Jeff has played an integral part in the facilitation of the program and a huge advocate for art in the community. 
As a longtime South Renton resident I am very happy to have participated in the South Renton Hydrant Art Project.  This project is immensely popular and has been very positive for our South Renton Community.
As an artist, I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums including photography, wood carving, stain glass, and glass casting.  I get most of my inspiration from nature and natural settings along with Northwest Native American design.  As a former science teacher, most of my life has centered on studying the scientific and analytical aspects of nature but as I age I have found increasing enjoyment in the artistic and creative side of nature. Currently I have been working on blending my glass art with my wood carving.  My carving is mostly centered on Northwest Native American design.  My glass work includes, glass fusing, casting, sandblasting and Pate de verre techniques.Thank you for taking the time to view my work and I hope you found it enjoyable. ~Jeff Dineen


Jeff painted his hydrant in honor of Captain William Renton, a lumber and shipping merchant who established a sawmill on Puget Sound in 1852. In 1863, he relocated to Blakely Harbor, Bainbridge Island, and started what became the very successful Port Blakely Mill Company. While he never lived in the town, Renton was an important investor in the coal trade, and Farmer Smither’s felt it was important to honor the Captain’s early investments in the town by naming it after him.