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Sybil is a local artist with work that includes mixed media collage, acrylic painting, public art installations, literary projects and sgraffito works in clay. Recent projects include Art of the Grain, a series of unique acrylic wood grain paintings, collaborations in ceramics with Clay by Bruce, and Sock for a Sock, Glove for a Glove – handmade sock and glove dolls available on Etsy!

She finds inspiration in the world around her and loves to include details in her work that draw people into each piece to create something unique and unexpected.

Her conductor concept is the first hydrant to be completed and installed and was featured in an article by the Renton Reporter. The unveiling of the hydrant was on March 30th, 2019.

Here’s  the process, from concept to celebration.

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She has recently completed a second hydrant! Please welcome Squid Stefano:

Stefano and the Steelheads have been installed and are making waves!

Find Stefano and the Steelheads at Smithers St. and 4th as they bask on the sidewalk!

Stefano’s ancestors migrated here and he’s in search of his Italian roots. He turned salmon colored to blend in with the other inhabitants of the Cedar River on his journey. Either that or he ate too many salmon. ????

Next up, Engineer Paul shows off his spirit!

Find him at 625 S. 4th street in front of the Chamber of Commerce

Engineer Paul stands in front of the Chamber of Commerce where the Spirit of Washington dinner train once picked up passengers to ride along Lake Washington for a meal, or even a murder mystery. Now he stands guard near the old platform to greet the freight trains that pass through the afternoon transporting machine parts.


Farmer Smithers is out looking across the 4 cow bridge!

Find him at near the railroad tracks near Houser Way S. and Shattuck Ave S.

Farmer Erasmus Smithers is looking across the railroad tracks searching for his cows. Back when the railroad was being built, they asked Farmer Smithers for his permission to cut through his farm. He agreed under the condition that they build him a passage to get his cows safely from one end of his property to the other. When he was asked how big the passage needed to be, he replied “four cows wide”. The name stuck, and this is the origin of the 4 Cow Bridge!

Just recently a new hydrant has been spotted! It looks like one of Farmer Smithers’ cows may be getting abducted by aliens!! 

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Website: – COMING SOON! Featuring individual and collaborative work by Sybil Ania McIntyre (SAM) and Bruce McIntyre of Clay by Bruce.


Stay tuned for the next hydrant pieces by Sybil: