Meet Sybil McIntyre






A local Renton artist, Sybil does hand made installations, ceramics, and paintings that have been featured as public art.

She is a self taught artist that finds inspiration in the world around her. She works in a variety of mediums including mixed media collage, driftwood sculpture, and sgraffito.





Her conductor concept is the first hydrant to be completed and installed and was featured in an article by the Renton Reporter. The unveiling of the hydrant was on March 30th, 2019.

Here’s  the process, from concept to celebration.

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She has recently completed a second hydrant! Please welcome Squid Stefano:


Stefano and the Steelheads have been installed and are making waves!

Find Stefano and the Steelheads at Smithers St. and 4th as they bask on the sidewalk!

Stefano’s ancestors migrated here and he’s in search of his Italian roots. He turned salmon colored to blend in with the other inhabitants of the Cedar River on his journey. Either that or he ate too many salmon. 😁

See what Sybil is up to

Facebook page:

Website: – COMING SOON! Featuring individual and collaborative work by Sybil Ania McIntyre (SAM) and Bruce McIntyre of Clay by Bruce.


Stay tuned for the next hydrant pieces by Sybil: