Welcome to Downtown!

Meet Tristen!

Tristen is a young aspiring mural artist, she primarily works with acrylic paints, watercolors, and Copic markers, but also dabbles in digital design, and performative arts as well.

Her dream is to spread thought provoking art across the world, and to inspire others to chase their dreams and ignite the sparks within themselves. Anyone can create. And she believes, that everyone should.

Tristen’s first hydrant design is a celebration on Renton’s coal mining history; you can’t miss it on the corner of S 4th Street and Wells Ave S.

Tristen’s second hydrant features the mystery of the crow in the rains of a Pacific Northwest sunset. This hydrant is located at S 5th Street and Williams Ave S.


Check out some of Tristan’s other work below and follow her on Facebook for regular portfolio updates!