Welcome to Downtown!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors… in Renton’s Downtown!

Renton Downtown offers a variety of open spaces creating a peaceful balance between urban living and the natural beauty of the Puget Sound region.

Cedar River Salmon Journey

Like the locals, salmon head to Renton’s Downtown in the fall. See the salmon migration in October and learn about the epic journey that takes place every year as salmon swim from the ocean, through Seattle’s Ballard Locks, into Lake Washington, and up the Cedar River through Renton to spawn.

Bikeways, Trails & Parks

Visit Renton’s Downtown as part of the start (or end) of your bike or hike in Renton or the surrounding region. Or take a break on your adventure and enjoy some time to reflect and relax in one of the Downtown parks or have a bite at a local eatery. The Renton Trails and Bikeways Guide Map provides information to pedestrians and bicyclists to plan their walking and biking trips. Downtown’s plentiful parks include the Piazza (home of the seasonal farmers market), Tonkin (take a selfie with a donkey!), Veterans Memorial (honoring our military), and the beautiful areas along the Cedar River near Renton Library.

Renton Trails and Bicycle Master Plan

Scroll down towards the bottom of the plan for a map of existing trails.