Renton Downtown Partnership Unites Businesses & Residents

The mission of the Renton Downtown Partnership (RDP) is to cultivate a vibrant social, cultural and economic center by bringing together the community, non-profits and city center stakeholders while celebrating the unique historic character of Renton’s Downtown.

In 2014, business and property owners, residents, non-profit organizations, community activists, and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Renton got together to start a new organization to focus on revitalizing Renton’s downtown core.  In 2017, the RDP joined forces with Piazza Renton in order to combine efforts and resources to further enhance traditional downtown celebrations including the annual holiday tree lighting, and downtown Santa House and to assist the City with the operation of the Tuesday Farmers Market that runs June through September. It was also at this time that we decided to take these efforts a step further by exploring what the RDP’s role could be in downtown revitalization and supporting local businesses through becoming a Main Street Affiliate.  

What makes the RDP truly unique is that it is an organization capable of bridging the gaps between businesses, property owners, residents, non-profits, and visitors to the downtown area. Renton has long had a deep sense of community, and the residents and companies that call it home display a deep sense of civic pride. The RDP exists to funnel these forces towards revitalizing and improving our century-old downtown into a unique, vibrant and diverse commercial center.

If you are interested in attending a meeting or getting involved with one of our Standing Committees, please contact the Renton Downtown Partnership at [email protected].

Board of Directors 

The Renton Downtown Partnership is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization currently led by a 13-person, volunteer board of directors representing various local sectors including Renton City and Chamber of Commerce employees, local business owners, Piazza Renton volunteers, and enthusiastic residents, all with interests in revitalizing downtown. The Board meets the third Monday of every month to discuss downtown activities and coordinate efforts to highlight them.

Current Board members include:

  • Jennifer Thompson, President
  • Sue Bollinger, President Elect
  • Wes Henry, Interim Treasurer
  • Jenna Gilbreath, Secretary
  • Kenneth Rogers
  • Amber Saxby
  • Mary Hansen
  • Cameron Wong
  • Elaine Stachowiak
  • Lachlan Huck
  • Danielle Smith, Ex-Officio Renton Chamber of Commerce 
  • Jessie Kotarski, Ex-Officio City of Renton Liaison


Christian Switzer, Executive Director

Kim Unti, Operations Assistant

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