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Meet Kat Lieu!


Kat is a local artist that practices several mediums. She does watercolor, acrylic, digital, and macaron art. While not producing art, she runs philandmama.com her product review blog and manages the site modernasianbaking.com which offers a collection of the best crowdsourced modern and traditional Asian baking recipes, reflections, and stories.

Take a look at her latest work!

The hydrant below was made in honor of Renton local and downtown legend, Rodney Stewart who passed away in July 2021.  This tribute stands on Wells Ave S in front of the Eagles Lodge, where Rod was a loyal member and served his community for countless years.

“Always in our hearts”

The Night Owl can be found in front of the Whistle Stop on Williams Ave S and S 4th St.

The hydrant below honors our service men and women with a simple message of, “thank you.”

Kat’s eagle can be found next to Veterans Memorial Park on 3rd St.


Check out her Dancing Lion hydrant concept:
















Hawk has been installed on Burnett St. South, between 4th and 5th.

Take a look at the map on the Hydrants page to see where it is!




Click here to see her instagram and deviantArt accounts for more of her work!