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What are utility boxes and why wrap them?

Utility boxes, also known as traffic signal boxes, are the gray metal cabinets that sit at every signaled intersection in the city.

While they are ubiquitous, there’s a good chance you haven’t noticed them. Necessary for controlling the electrical equipment that keeps traffic moving in Renton, the boxes can serve as canvasses for highlighting the work of local artists and contributing to the character of the neighborhood. With the success of the current wrapped utility boxes in Downtown Renton, the City is exited to further develop this opportunity for place-making.

You may have noticed the utility boxes wrapped with art in Downtown Renton. The City embarked on this place-making endeavor as a part of a broader effort to beautify Downtown Renton streets in 2015. The City and the Renton Municipal Arts Commission are now working to wrap more utility boxes with art in additional neighborhoods in our community.

Interested in designing or sponsoring wrapping for a box? Email [email protected]

The designs are created by local artists and then printed professionally on heavy-duty vinyl wrap and affixed to utility boxes for everyone to enjoy.

Take a look at the links below to learn more about the designs of the wrapped utility boxes around the City:



Artist, Jason Vo

Portal to the Past

Historic photos of Renton

Sunset- Collaboration

Artist, Jean Bradbury

Benson Hill

Artist, Camp.