Welcome to Downtown!

Meet Kayce!

Kayce is a fiber artist, who is no stranger to combining a variety of mediums for commissioned work. Some of her most recent projects include foam core sculptures, life size plush sculptures, store front windows, and art installations. Kayce hails from Mukilteo, Washington and we are delighted that she took the time to come to Renton to add this fabulous design to our hydrant collection.

Kayce’s first hydrant design is inspired by The Wizard of Oz.  Intersecting rainbows pop out of red poppy fields in her intricate eye-catching creation.  You can find Kayce’s hydrant at the corner of S 7th Street and Whitworth Lane S.

Kayce’s second hydrant is dedicated to the bees! You can find this hive at 544 Morris Ave S.

You can see pictures of Kayce’s most recent work on her website at worldofwhimm.com