Merchant FAQ

Q: What’s the benefit for my business to participate? 


  • Sell to New Customers 
  • Receive Free Marketing and Promotion
  • Support Renton’s Economy

Q: Does it cost to participate? 

A: It’s totally FREE! Plus, no Point-Of-Sale systems or special hardware is required!

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Once your businesses accepts a Main Street Money certificate as payment for goods or services, the system will register the redemption and Renton Downtown Partnership will reimburse you by check for the full amount of the certificate redeemed at your business. Checks are processed weekly. You can expect payment between 14 and 30 days.

Q: Do I need to provide a W9 to get paid? 

A: Yes, each business who signs up with the Main Street Money program must provide a W9. Before merchants can begin accepting certificates you must complete the W9
form attached to the Welcome Email you receive upon initial registration. This must be completed and emailed to [email protected] in order to complete your program registration.

Q: Can a certificate be used more than once? 

A: No. Each certificate has a unique code that, once verified, cannot be re-used.


Q: What if the customer doesn’t use the whole certificate? 

A: You will be reimbursed by Renton Downtown Partnership for the full value of the certificate, so you can issue store credit for any unused portion of the certificate. This will encourage the customer to come back to visit your business again in the future! Or you can declare that no change will be given. Whatever your preferred policy, we encourage you to post or communicate to the customer.


Q: Can I get a report on activity? 

A: Yes, by logging into your Conpoto Merchant Portal (hyperlink to, you can see how much you’ve redeemed in certificate sales, and how much has been processed and paid to you by the RDP.


Q: Will it be hard to train my staff on redeeming certificates? 

A: Not at all. Redeeming the certificates is easy & quick, and typically only takes a minute or two.


Q: What is the dollar amount of each certificate? 

A: Certificate are distributed in denominations of $25 each.