Welcome to Downtown!

In the spring of 2018,Yvonne created five illustrations to be hung in the existing 4ft posters cases on the side of the Municipal Garage on S 2nd Street. Yvonne designed five illustrations, each one representing a different aspect of the local arts community, in a style and medium that would be visible to people driving past.

Her inspiration for the series came from her reflection on her early years of putting art out into the world, and realizing what a transformative process it was for her. She realized that a great deal of her pieces are about feeling lost or alone.  It was through the process of making art and sharing it with others that she realized she became less lost and less alone. Yvonne says, “the people and the kindness I’ve been met with because of the art has given me so much joy, inspiration, and humility.”

The process of making art is transforms the artist and Yvonne’s goal was show artists in each medium becoming empowered or changed by their art.

Yvonne’s introduction to the City of Renton was her response to a Call for Art for a utility box project in the Sunset area.  The Selection Committee really liked Yvonne’s work, but ultimately made the decision to offer the project to a different artist.  When the opportunity to fill the poster cabinets became available, the Committee reached out to Yvonne for assistance.

The Renton Municipal Arts Commission was so pleased with five designs that Yvonne created and asked her to create a design for a box in the Downtown that they would personally fund.  And when Yvonne offered three designs for their consideration, the Commissioners could not make a choice, and instead two more boxes in the downtown her identified for wrapping.  Here are the resulting designs: