Welcome to Downtown!

Renton’s Downtown is growing!

As the Downtown expands and renovations develop, Renton aims to bring a visual cohesion to the neighborhood. The future of Downtown Renton is geared toward aligning with the Civic Core Vision and Action Plan, found here. Change is on the horizon. The portions of Main Avenue and Bronson Way that cross through the Downtown area have become two-way streets as well as Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S. With these improvements comes the opportunity to significantly upgrade Downtown’s streetscapes in a consistent and efficient way.

The set of streetscape design standards and guidelines provides a tool kit for City staff , property owners and developers to use in designing improvements to the public realm in Downtown. While the recommendations are specific to the Downtown core as delineated in the figure below, it is assumed that a similar set of standards will be developed for other sections of Renton’s City Center.+’

The recommended street and public realm elements, treatments and surfaces described in this document are intended to address the following objectives:

  • Provide a more consistent urban design signature that reinforces the Downtown’s identity
  • Facilitate maintenance and reduce long term costs
  • Respond to local context
  • Promote pedestrian safety, access and comfort
  • Enhance the Downtown’s economic activity

Download the Design Guidelines here.