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The B & W: "The B&W" by Andrew MorrisonA 1900’s B&W Seaplane by Andrew Morrison

The owner of the Old City Hall Building (David Smith), located in the 200 block of Wells Avenue S, commissioned artist and muralist Andrew Morrison

(http://andrewmorrison.org/) to improve the once plain and uninspiring wall along the property’s south side with a mural.  While standing in the adjacent parking lot every day, you can see seaplanes and other planes coming and going in the skies above.  This served as the project’s inspiration.

The mural depicts an early 1900’s B&W Seaplane breaking through a concrete block wall with a blue sky background–a nod to the histories of both The Boeing Company and the site as the seaplane and building were built approximately at the same time.  Boeing is Renton’s largest employer.  Mr. Smith completed a major renovation of the property in 2009.