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Renton Downtown Partnership Announces Executive Director Transition and Seeks New Leadership

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Renton Downtown Partnership Announces Executive Director Transition and Seeks New Leadership

Renton, WA – July 3, 2023 – Renton Downtown Partnership, a dynamic organization dedicated to the revitalization and promotion of downtown Renton, today announces that Christian Switzer, the current Executive Director, will be stepping down from her position effective July 31, 2023. Christian has been with Renton Downtown Partnership since March 2022 and has made significant contributions during her tenure.

Under Christian’s leadership, Renton Downtown Partnership achieved the prestigious Washington Main Street designation, opening doors for the organization to offer Main Street Tax Credit Incentives through B&O and PUT taxes. She successfully rebuilt the board, fostering a strong and dedicated team, while securing additional funding through sponsorships and donations. Christian provided strategic planning, with a board focus on families, sports and recreation, and arts and entertainment, enabling Renton Downtown Partnership to thrive.

One of the notable accomplishments during Christian’s tenure was the establishment of the annual Gobble Wobble event, which garnered significant community support. Additionally, she forged new partnerships with Vault89 and King County, not to mention all of our downtown businesses, further enhancing Renton Downtown Partnership’s reach and impact.

Christian’s decision to step down from her role as Executive Director was driven by personal and professional aspirations. Having recently earned her MBA through Western Governors University and received her Main Street Revitalization Professional certification from the Main Street America Institute, Christian has accepted new opportunities at the City of Kirkland. Her experience and expertise will undoubtedly benefit Kirkland in its pursuit of goals, and we wish her the best. 

“We are immensely grateful for Christian Switzer’s leadership and numerous achievements during her tenure as the Executive Director of Renton Downtown Partnership. Her dedication and strategic vision have transformed our downtown, establishing a solid foundation for continued growth and success. As we embark on this new chapter, we are excited to find a new Executive Director who will build upon Christian’s legacy, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to further elevate downtown Renton. We remain committed to our mission of creating a vibrant community, and we are confident that the our search for a new Executive Director will be fruitful.” – Jennifer Thompson, President of Renton Downtown Partnership.

Renton Downtown Partnership is now seeking a new Executive Director to ensure a seamless transition and continued success. The organization is ideally looking for a local candidate with a proven track record in fundraising, capable of bringing to life the organization’s diverse array of events, projects, and initiatives. The new Executive Director will have the opportunity to build upon the foundation laid by Christian and work closely with the board to drive Renton Downtown Partnership’s growth and development.

Renton Downtown Partnership envisions the new Executive Director following the strategic plan laid out by the board through the end of the year. Additionally, the new hire will participate in planning for the upcoming year, ensuring a consistent trajectory of growth and development for downtown Renton.

The board of Renton Downtown Partnership expresses their gratitude to Christian Switzer for her exceptional leadership and countless achievements during her time as Executive Director. They wish her continued success in her future downtowns..

Renton Downtown Partnership is excited for this new chapter and looks forward to welcoming a new Executive Director who will further enhance the organization’s mission to create a vibrant and thriving downtown community.

For more information or inquiries about the Executive Director position, please contact [email protected].

About Renton Downtown Partnership:

Renton Downtown Partnership is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing and promoting downtown Renton as a vibrant, diverse, and prosperous district. Through strategic initiatives, community engagement, and partnerships, Renton Downtown Partnership aims to create a thriving urban core that attracts residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

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