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Downtown Renton Art Opportunity



The Renton Downtown Partnership (RDP) is seeking artist interest for a large mural to be located on a prominent building in Downtown Renton, Washington. The actual size of the mural will be determined as part of the selected artist’s design process (more on potential size below). The mural design should relate to diversity and bringing cultures together, in recognition of the multicultural community that Renton has become and as Downtown’s role as the city’s central gathering place. This project is intended to transform a primarily blank wall into a welcoming image in the center of the downtown business district.


This RFI is open to all artists. Artists living and/or working in Renton and the greater Seattle area are especially encouraged to respond. The project is not intended to support advertising or other signage. The selected artist or artist team is expected to create original artwork for the project, although the selected artist’s existing design work that has not been utilized for other public murals may be considered.

This opportunity is open to artists that are experienced in and understand the process of designing and painting a mural that will be situated on a private building but viewed from surrounding streets and sidewalks.

Project Details

Project Team: RDP’s Design Committee has designated several of its members to lead the mural project. The project team is managing selection of and contracting with the artist, as well as serves as the point of contact with the building’s property owner (the Bank of America corporation).

Mural Location: The mural is proposed to be located on the upper portion of the Bank of America building located at 300 Burnett Ave S in Downtown Renton. The mural location would primarily be located on the upper portion of the building’s S 3rd Street façade (North Façade) but would ideally turn the building’s upper corner to partially face Burnett Ave S (West Façade). The final location and size of the mural will be determined collectively by the selected artist, RDP project team, and the building’s owner. For informational purposes, the S. 3rd focus area measures approximately 1,000 square feet and the Burnett focus area measures approximately 275 square feet.

The building owner is planning a façade renovation for the entire building, which will include painting it with a fresh color scheme and new signage (see images below). The new paint on an existing stucco finish is expected to provide a sound basis for the selected artist’s mural. The mural is anticipated to complement the color scheme and signage without detracting from it.

Design and Approval:  After selection, the selected artist or artist team will be requested to develop a design concept that will be reviewed by the project team and building owner for input. The design concept will also be presented to the City of Renton’s Municipal Arts Commission for review and feedback that then will be considered as part of moving forward with final design. The project team will then work with the selected artist on final design, along with developing a process and plan for implementation. The selected artist will be asked to develop a budget/cost estimate based upon the final design and implementation plan.

Tentative Schedule/Timing:

January – February2024     RFI announced and responses due by 5 PM, Feb. 5, 2024.

February 2024                   Artist selection and contracting.

March – April 2024             Conceptual design and approval, including initial review by Municipal Arts Commission.

May – June 2024               Design refinement and preparation for implementation.

Summer 2024                    Mural painting, either in conjunction with the building owners’ renovation period or immediately thereafter in hopes that the mural can be enjoyed before the downtown summer event season concludes.

Funding/Budget: RDP has allocated $2,000 in its 2024 budget as the initial contribution for the mural project. To boost the project budget, the project team will target grant funding from various sources that will be offered in the first half of 2024. Private contributions will also be solicited over the next several months.

The selected artist’s budget/cost estimate will assist the project team in determining how much funding to seek for the project. Depending upon design development and the collective desires of the project team, building owner, and selected artist, additional funding may be solicited to ensure that the quality, size, and artistic needs of the artwork design can be achieved. RDP and its project team are committed to raising all funding needed to ensure that the project is completed within the schedule above.

RDP’s initial contribution will serve as key funding to initiate the project, select an artist, and compensate the artist during the design and approval phase. The additional funding would be available to assist and compensate the artist in implementing and painting the mural. The project team will assist in negotiating beneficial pricing for paint and supplies with local vendors to implement the mural design.

The selected artist will be requested to sign an agreement with RDP covering some general terms of the project. The project team is open to the project being implemented as a community mural initiative (with the selected artist leading the effort), as well as alternative mediums used to display the mural (such as panels and cloth).

Evaluation Criteria and Selection

RDP will consider the following criteria in selecting an artist for the project:

  • Artistic quality as exemplified in previous work.
  • Ability to think and work in a scale appropriate for outdoor public art, especially murals and related artwork.
  • Ability to relate to multiple audiences (pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, drivers).
  • Ability to convey the identity of community through art.
  • Ability and willingness to plan, design, and execute the project within the schedule and budget.

RDP reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to select an artist or artist team from the respondents to this RFI or to select no artist and solicit additional respondents.

Submission Requirements

To indicate interest, please submit your qualifications for consideration within a response package that includes:

  1. A cover sheet with the name of this RFI and your name, mailing address, home and/or cell phone number, email address, and website and/or social media connection (in lieu of a website or social media connection, a portfolio limited to no more than two double-sided pages of visuals of past work may be provided).
  2. Tell us who you are:
    1. Are you a local artist or based somewhere else?
    2. Is it just you or are you a team of people?
    3. What public art experience do you have, if any? Feel free to provide a résumé that includes exhibition history, past projects, and/or a brief description of public art and related projects (not to exceed two double-sided pages).*
  3. Two examples of previous work that relate to this RFI’s art opportunity, including a brief description of each. These do not have to be designs that have been completed as murals or other public artwork.
  4. A statement explaining your interest in this opportunity and initial thoughts for a possible mural theme(s).

*If you are a student, a letter of recommendation from an art teacher may be accepted in lieu of a résumé.

How Do I Apply?: Submit your response package via email to: [email protected].

All responses must be received by 5:00 PM on Monday, February 5, 2024. No responses will be accepted after this time. Send any inquiries about this RFI to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

About RDP

The Renton Downtown Partnership unites businesses, residents, and community organizations to improve the downtown area. Its mission is to cultivate a vibrant social, cultural, and economic center by bringing together the community, non-profits, and city center stakeholders while celebrating the unique historic character of Renton’s Downtown.