Welcome to Downtown!
While the COVID-19 issue hits everyone nearly everywhere imaginable, small businesses are especially feeling the crunch of tough times right now. Recent events have caused many local businesses to modify their hours, the ways they serve their communities, and in some cases, to close their doors altogether.So take a minute and get to know your Renton business owners.  They are unique, they are charming, and above all else, they are resilient and dedicated to serving their community.The “Renton Business Minute” is a new video series on YouTube to help small business owners stay connected to customers during this challenging time.  The city’s Economic Development team is conducting these brief interviews with business owners in a virtual platform and will upload new content to the Visit Renton YouTube channel as they become available.  Subscribe and stay connected!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdwJSHDYH-8

Are you a small business owner?  Contact us to set up your virtual interview!