Welcome to Downtown!

A local artist has been confirmed to work on a new public art piece in Renton!

On July 15th, 9 artists had submitted a response to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) released by the City of Renton to solicit a mural for the Downtown area. The mural, planned for the southern face of the Burger Town building, is to have a Farmers Market inspired makeover. The request was released to the public hoping to “challenge the arts community to design and execute a mural that inspires Strength, Positivity, and Dedication to Healthy Living.”

On July 26th Sybil McIntyre, a South Renton resident, was the artist selected to move forward with her concept proposal for Market Melodies. This concept takes the idea of music to tie together the many years and themes of the Farmers Market to dance across the building facade.



One of the concerns with the mural was the current way businesses use that space to house their recycling and dumpster bins. People were worried that the mural would not stand out against the dumpsters. To combat this, Sybil did an analysis of the current places where dumpsters were stored and designed the mural around the various placements.



The most updated design incorporates colored shapes that match each bin to help the dumpsters blend with the wall.


Stay on the look out for this new art piece, coming to you soon!

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