Welcome to Downtown!

More primary election ballots have been counted and updated results are in.

King County Elections employees sort ballots at headquarters in Renton, Oct.29, 2018 (Photo by Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

As of yesterday, the two leading mayoral candidates Marcie Maxwell and Armondo Pavone were within a one percent difference for the lead. The next count for King County is scheduled for tomorrow, August 9th at 4 pm. Click here to see the current results.


The Renton Reporter has an article on the updated results:

Updated primary results

With the primary election results rolling in, let’s take a look at how Downtown Renton fits into the mix. The two top contenders racing for a spot in City Council seat no.3 are Valerie O’Halloran and James Alberson. They both have things to say about Downtown Renton and what they promise to focus on as a potential City Council member.

The following is taken from each candidate’s website:

James Alberson

“Opportunity. It is incumbent on the city council to foster an environment of opportunity for all of us here in Renton. I’m committed to work to attract quality businesses, high paying jobs, and economic development to our city. For our young people, I will work to encourage trade and technical training and to remove obstacles for those who want to attend college. I will champion a business-friendly environment and work to create a thriving downtown area.”


Valerie O’Halloran


Valerie believes people should be able to live and work in the same city instead of spending hours in traffic. With a vibrant downtown and millions of square feet in office space, Renton is poised to become an attractive home for many successful businesses, large and small. Valerie will establish partnerships that bring more jobs and economic opportunities to Renton while creating housing and transportation options that make sense and are affordable for workers and their families.”


Both candidates mention bringing economic development to the Downtown. Best of luck to all candidates participating in the elections!