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Go Into the Landscape with Britt Greenland!


Artists will be featured in two new gallery spaces in Renton. The first artist to be hosted will be Britt Greenland, a local Renton artist. She specializes in landscape paintings. Stop by and view her exhibit Into the Landscape at the grand opening reception for this collection, in the Culinaire Room at Renton Technical College, on July 11th from 5-8 pm.

Renton Technical College (RTC) and the Renton Municipal Arts Commission have been collaborating on opening two new locations to showcase art and offer a way for artists to have gateways into their communities. There will be art hosted in the Culinaire Room, located on the RTC campus, as well as at their satellite location in the Downtown center on Burnett Avenue.

The display will change once per quarter (4 times a year; January-April-July-October). Featured art will be on display for 3 to 4 months at a time.

The Culinaire Room features flexible LED spot lights that turn 320 degrees to accommodate special lighting for each piece of art and an adjustable stainless steel cord art track system for hanging. The space includes 75 feet of wall space and can accommodate between 12 and 15 pieces depending on the size of the artwork.

Artists will receive 100% of any sales of their work and are invited to host an opening reception in the space with no charge for the facility usage.

If you’re interested in becoming an artist at one of these locations, contact Jessie Kotarski at [email protected].

View the full detail sheet here for more info.