Renton City Comic Con

What is RenCon?

RenCon is a celebration for comic book geeks, technophiles, cosplayers and nerds of all ages! It is a place where you can buy your favorite comic book, find that collectible you have been looking for, and purchase a t-shirt that proudly displays your geekdom! It is a place to listen to the latest from leading science gurus, attend a panel on robots, listen to the making of your favorite podcast and hang out with the stars! It is a place to come dressed as you are or as your favorite comic book hero. It’s a place to learn about the craft of cosplay, enter a contest, and take a selfie with your favorite cosplayers! Mostly it is a place where anyone and everyone can come enjoy a weekend of family fun and let your inner child come out to play!

This year RenCon has moved to Hotel Interurban.  A large collection of vendors, artists, speakers, special guests, gaming companies & more will fill the hotel on September 15-16. RenCon will also be bringing back the super fun cosplay contest and VIP party at Virtual Sports. Let your inner child out to play & come celebrate all things nerdy with us this fall!

Check out the images below from the 2017 RenCon: