This summer, join the fun and see what the power of community can do!


With the joint efforts and coordination of the Renton Downtown Partnership, and the City of Renton, a temporary “Pop-up” park will be installed in the Downtown Renton neighborhood by a University of Washington student group called “Small Steps“. This project is a volunteer-run and driven pilot project to see how neighbors and community members can work together to create beauty in the pockets of un-used space that await development in urban areas.

What is a pop-up?

A “pop-up park” is a temporary reclamation of vehicular space that gets transformed into pedestrian space for public use. This is usually done in the form of cafe seating and parklets. You may have seen a parklet in the downtown during the annual Park(ing) day celebration. Pop-ups can also be temporary restaurants, shops, or any other event that will be removed after its intended duration.

Why here?

The former Big 5 Lot is in the heart of Renton’s Downtown neighborhood. It is located next to Piazza park and hosts food trucks for the farmers market one day a week during the summer. When not in use, this land is empty and dormant. The Small Steps volunteer group is using goals from the Civic Core Vision and Action Plan to activate this space and encourage public safety through design and positive programming opportunities. By introducing this pop-up park to the lot, we are shifting the downtown to include more businesses to the west of the main retail core, while also providing additional space for events and activities during Piazza Park’s busiest season: Summer with the Farmers Market!

The site: 508 S 3rd St. Renton, WA 98057

Want to become a volunteer? Email or visit the neighborhood volunteer page here: 

The schedule:

This schedule is noting the planned days for constructing, decorating, implementing, and maintaining the pop-up park. There are two types of work days highlighted:

Purple days

are intended on consisting of labor and construction. These days will take place off-site for construction and on-site for implementation days. We will not be on-site at the gravel lot for a few of these days. Please contact Brittany at or (808)221-1009 for more information if you would like to join the work force! The location of these dates will vary! Please contact ahead to confirm.

Green days

are intended on consisting of light work, such as gardening, decorative painting, and site maintenance. If you would like to work on a green day or join any of the community decorating events, please click here to visit the volunteer opportunity page on the City of Renton website. (to be posted, stay tuned!)



Week 1:

July 6, 2019 10:00 am @ 508 S 3rd St. Will consist of creating a pathway with gravel and stones. If you would like to participate, we will be meeting at the site at 10:00 am. Contact to see how to register to become a volunteer. Volunteers must register and sign in to participate.


Week 2:

July 13 & 14 2019 @ Location To Be Decided. We will be preparing materials at a satellite location to be installed on a different date. If you would like to help prepare lumber and create pieces to be decorated by the community, please contact to learn more about what the day will entail. We will not be on site, please do not show up to the gravel lot. 


Week 3:

July 16 & 20 @ Piazza Park Join us in two days of fun with painting and decorating the pop up park! We will be set up in Piazza Park on the West end of the Farmers Market on Tuesday, and in the Park on Saturday during Summerfest! Bring a paintbrush and be prepared to add some color to the pop up park! We are meeting during the Farmers Market on Tuesday, and from 1-5 on Saturday.


Week 4:

July 21st @ 508 S 3rd St. We will be installing planters and creating the framework for other pieces of the park. If you would like to join this event, please email Brittany at for details. This is a day where we will be doing basic carpentry; coordinate with the group ahead of time if you would like to join. 

July 25 & 27@ 508 S 3rd St. We will be filling the planters with gardening soil and re-planting sprouts that have been grown by community members. Stop by and have fun at this educational gardening experience! On Thursday, we will be meeting at 4pm and on Saturday we will be meeting at 11 am.


Week 5:

July 30, August 3- 508 S 3rd St. We will be finishing up installations on site. Please contact Brittany or Small Steps to find out information on how to participate.


Week 6:  

The pop up park is scheduled to be completed! Please join us on August 6th to have a garden party in the new pop up park. We will be enjoying the shades and seats and celebrating the space by using it as it is: A place to enjoy being outdoors with friends and family! Grab some food from the farmers market and come hang out!