Renton Downtown Plans

Making Renton’s Downtown a great place to live, work, and play

The City’s goal for Downtown is to create a pedestrian-oriented area that contains a lively mix of residential, office, retail, and entertainment opportunities within walking distance of each other. The vision is embodied in the City Center Community Plan, which details future growth goals and objectives for Downtown as one of five interrelated subareas.

The Civic Core is the heart of Renton’s Downtown. It is home to housing, cultural destinations, transit, parks and retail. The Renton Downtown Civic Core Vision and Action Plan will provide a community-driven vision for the future of this important area. The Plan will identify strategies and actions that integrate the great activities that are already happening here with new spaces to gather, safe streets for all modes to travel, and a bustling business environment.

The future Downtown offers opportunities for all ages and abilities and is a fun and welcoming place for families. As the heart of Renton, the Plan showcases the city’s rich history, with great public spaces, art and cultural attractions, and offers year-round activities and nightlife.

To learn more visit the Civic Core project website