Help us capture Renton History with a mural in tribute to one of Renton’s local heroes!

A group of community volunteers are collaborating with the Renton Municipal Arts Commission to place a mural of former boxing great Boone “Boom Boom” Kirkman on a prominent blank wall in Downtown.  We are seeking an artist to create a mural design with Boom Boom’s likeness and paint the mural on the building wall. The opportunity is open to artists that are experienced in or fully understand the process of mural design development and painting.

Mural Subject:  So who is Boom Boom?  Daniel Victor “Boone” Kirkman is a former amateur and professional heavyweight boxer.  Also fighting under the nickname of “Boom Boom,” he fought during the same era of George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, and Joe Frasier, which is often credited as one of the greatest heavyweight eras of all time.  Kirkman moved to Renton, where his grandfather originally settled, at a young age and stills lives here.  His family owned a local pub, the Melrose Tavern, which is now the Melrose Grill and located a half block south of the mural location.

Download Request for Qualifications here.  Deadline to respond is June 25, 2018.

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